Conrad-Johnson ART Preamplifier

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Dette er en preamp som formidler musikk helt magisk. Siden jeg har "nedskalert" anlegget litt og endt opp med en integrert forsterker er det noen heldige der uten som får en særdeles sjelden sjanse til å skaffe deg det ypperste Conrad Johnson har laget.

Det sitter 10 stk Genalex Gold Lion 6922 rør i den som er bruk ca 200 timer. Altså omtrent nye.

Det medfølger også 2 sett til med rør, men de har for meg ukjent brukstid. Disse påvirker ikke prisen, men medfølger siden jeg ikke lenger har behov for dem. (10 stk JAN-PHILIPS 6922 Low Noise og 10 stk Electro Harmonix 6922EH)

Prisen er ikke skrevet i stein, men den er en indikasjon på sånn omtrentlig hva som er forventningene. Den er i utgangspunktet ikke satt til noen overpris ut fra hva jeg har sett tidligere, men seriøse bud vil bli vurdert.

ART – Anniversary Reference Triode Preamplifier
In celebration of twenty years in pursuit of perfection in the reproduction of recorded music, conrad-johnson introduced the Anniversary Reference Triode Preamplifier.

This remarkable unit is a production realization of a line-stage preamplifier originally designed exclusively for our own reference use. The final production implementation of this design is aesthetically striking, ergonomically appealing to use, and quite simply the best-sounding line stage we have ever heard. We expect it to serve as our own reference for many years to come. The ART Preamplifier was available in a numbered, limited edition of 250 units which were sold through selected conrad-johnson dealers

The ART Preamplifier is a vacuum-tube, line-stage preamplifier in a true dual-mono configuration, with completely separate right and left chassis.
The unit features input selection and level adjustment by microprocessor- controlled relays. A data link, which is isolated from the audio circuitry and grounds of the two channels, connects the two chassis to enable a single set of controls to operate both channels, eliminating the bothersome dual volume controls that are the bane of conventional dual-mono designs. Level and balance can be adjusted in 100 steps of approximately .66 dB per step. All functions can be controlled by the hand-held wireless remote control.

The circuitry of the ART Preamplifier is elegant in its simplicity.
The audio circuit consists entirely of a single amplifier stage incorporating one composite triode comprising ten paralleled sections of high-transconductance miniature dual triodes. This arrangement achieves a low output impedance while reducing the number of active stages to the absolute minimum of one, resulting in a sonic purity that is unparalleled . DC voltage is supplied to this stage by cascaded discrete voltage regulators that absolutely isolate the audio circuit from the power line by maintaining virtually zero impedance across the audio band. Tube filaments (heaters) are operated on a dc voltage supplied by another discrete regulated power supply

Of course, the full potential of any circuit can only be realized by using the finest available parts.
In the ART Preamplifier, the audio circuit (including the level control) is executed entirely with precision bulk metal foil resistors and polystyrene capacitors. Tubes have been carefully selected for minimum noise and micro-phonics. The dc regulated power supplies use the same quality resistors as the audio circuits, and poly-propylene and polystyrene capacitors. Switching relays are sealed and have gold plated silver contacts. Input and output connectors are machined from oxygen free copper, and are gold plated. The component parts selected for the ART Preamplifier not only contribute to its unmatched musical performance today, but will help assure that this performance can be sustained year after year.

Gain: 25 db
Maximum output: 15 vrms
Output impedance: under 700 ohms
Distortion: less than .1% THD
Frequency response: at unity gain: 2 Hz to more than 10OKhz
Hum and noise: 96 db below 1.0 v

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