Jays q-JAYS mk II NEW SEALED / obrukt reference In-Ear IEM earphones før iPhone/Android/Audio

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Erbjuder 1 stk. helt ny Jays q-JAYS referenshörlur av In-Ear-typ, med headset för iPhone/iOS. Fabriksny, factory sealed! Den plastade boxen är i perfekt nyskick utan stickers och shelf wear. Butikspris och nätpris idag är $299, eller ca NOK 2620. När denna q-JAYS mk II (helt i metall) kom 2015 kostade den $400 + $70 för headset.

Mitt pris är NOK 1500, plus NOK 265 för rekommenderad och fullt försäkrad försändelse (eller: NOK 150 för spårbart brev u försäkring; din risiko). Tullhantering efter dina önskemål. Kan även sändas poste restante till Strömstad eller Tärnaby.

Se min annons på eBay för fullständig beskrivning:

PS. Om du skippar eBay och köper direkt från mig så medföljer gratis ett extra headset: q-JAYS original med remote/microphone, välj iOS eller Android!

PPS. Gärna byte (trade, exchange) mot LP-skivor med klassisk musik. (Finns flera exemplar av q-JAYS.) OBS! Endast LP tillverkade före 1975. Inga reissues, inga 180 g, inga "audiofilutgåvor" (ej MoFi, Chesky osv).

Ur olika recensioner av Jays q-JAYS (mk II):

"q-JAYS reference earphones are our finest and most precise instruments we have made till date"

"I was blown away by the q-Jays with extended listening. They are superbly built, sound fantastic and amazingly comfortable for long sessions."
-Review from HEAD-FI.ORG

"From the packaging all the way to the individual contents, 'premium' and 'class' are consistently emphasised. Think Apple-like presentation except, it's in all-black fashion."
-Review from HEAD-FI.ORG

"Would I shell out $390 for earbuds? If you'd asked me that before, I'd have said, 'Never,' but after trying the q-Jays, I say, 'Hell yes.'"

"... have got natural as well as vivid voices and high speech intelligibility even at low listening levels ... The whole sound is highly authentic as well as natural and seems open and easy-going, which not many in-ears in that price range manage to achieve in my ears."
-Review from HEAD-FI.ORG

"I have got to say that these are the most comfortable universal in-ears I have ever experienced ... The q‑Jays are indeed a reference pair of earphones with the ability to extract spades of micro-details and presenting them in a relatively smooth signature ... The build quality is outstanding and puts many other similarly-priced offerings to shame ..."

"For $400 you are getting a lot. This is an extremely compact form factor, they are very comfortable headphones and they sound great as well. So while they do beg a premium price, I think they are delivering something special, and they are certainly competing well against any ear monitors that cost a lot more."
-Digital Trends

"I have never tested anything that comes close to being as impressive as the 2nd generation q-Jays. They really are out of this world in terms of design and build quality. /.../ That's also why you'll be paying whopping $400 for these ... And if you want a model that supports smartphone calling and music playback control, that'll be an additional $70 just for the headset cable with in-line 3-button control. And overall the sound signature is fantastically balanced and amazingly airy. I could wear the q-Jays all day long without fatigue."

"Ignoring the driver-number game or the price war from China, I think many will agree that the new q-JAYS is perhaps one of the most refined and well-engineered IEM in a total package that $400 can buy."
-Review from HEAD-FI.ORG

"The q-Jays [mk II] are a resurrected, new and improved version of what are in my mind one of the best pairs of headphones of the last decade. /.../ Small size, simple design and sublime sound make the q-Jays very special."

"Some might not know this, but JAYS of Sweden is actually one of the earliest audiophile IEM manufacturer around, joining the game well before the whole IEM bloom of recent years."
-Review from HEAD-FI.ORG

q-JAYS is the world's smallest high-end earphones
with exchangeable cables

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