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Tilnærmet nye Kudos Super 20A i hvit selges. De er knapt innspilt. Nye høst 19. Veldig fornøyd med Kudos. Så fonøyd at jeg oppgraderte til Kudos 808.
Det er Soundcare spikes på dem. Bildet er ifra nett. Har kvittering and orginal emballasje.

The Kudos Super 20A is the latest version of the original Super 20, which was a complete redesign of the earlier Kudos C20, following in the same vein as the Super 10.

The Kudos Super 20A combines the SEAS Crescendo K2 tweeter from the Titan T88 with a newly developed bass/midrange driver, unique to this application and incorporating a copper shorting ring to minimise eddy currents, as well as an aluminium phase plug to act as a heatsink. The two drive units are unique to Kudos and have been developed to integrate seamlessly together to produce an extremely high-quality loudspeaker for the size and price.

The crossover incorporates new inductors and resistors from Mundorf, as well as the Mundorf Supreme (Gold/Silver/Oil) capacitor. These parts are produced to very tight tolerance and have been hand-matched for this model so as to further improve sound quality.

The cabinet is manufactured from 18mm HDF, which is a high-density version of MDF, chosen for its excellent acoustic properties and then finished in the usual large range of real wood veneers, or a high quality satin white finish can also be specified. The reflex port is situated on the bottom of the cabinet as with other Kudos floorstanding loudspeakers, but this one incorporates a damped port design similar to that found in the Titan T808. This allows for more flexibility of placement within the listening room. The plinth supporting the cabinet provides a fixed boundary gap for the port using a spacer arrangement, thus allowing for optimum performance, and is of a tri-laminate design using HDF, a damping compound and a steel base, as seen on the Titan. High quality stainless steel spikes from Track Audio are also included for optimum grounding of the loudspeaker to the floor.

The development to the Super 20A version has meant that the speaker can now also be used in conjunction with Linn’s Space Optimisation+ technology in order to enhance its performance even further and allowing it to reach its potential by eliminating many room acoustic problems.
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