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Stello P700 preamplifier
Den siste av 4 stk jeg har tatt i innbytte de siste månedene, selges fordelaktig. Sto tidligere at det var et lite merke på siden, men det viste seg å være et lite hår som satt litt fast. Er helt strøken.
24 000 kr (40000) Nå satt ned til 20000,-

High-end preamp fra April Music selges. 1 eier, all orginalemballasje og manual medfølger. Ny pris kr. 40000,-, selges kr. 20000,-

Forventer å få spørsmål om hvordan den er i forhold til kjente Norske preamper som EC 4.8, EC4.9 eller Dynamic Precision C1s.
Dette er en preamp på et helt annet nivå enn disse. Lyden har en helt annen oppløsning, renhet og tredimensionalitet,
Diskre oppbygget med klasse A drift på utgangene. Et referanse produkt.

Test i Fidelity

Thank you for purchasing the Stello P700 Pre Amp from April Music Inc. The Stello P700 Preamp and the Stello S700 Poweramp are modern design with high end technologies inside to this combination to be the most valuable audio system. Under any circumstances, P700 will remain by your side o give you the real meaning of Hi-End.You will instantly acknowledge that there is something in P700 which could not be explained with ordinary words. We call those, ?Nuance of Music? PRECAUTIONS

If you want change voltage, please contact local agent or distributor for further process.

The P700 will warm up to certain level during its operation. The elevated temperature will not harm the device. However, do not place other equipments on top of the P700 as it may harmful to the device. Please do not open the outer casing.
Repair or modification by unauthorized personnel will void the warranty.It is recommended to keep the main power switch ?ON? all the time.However, it is recommended to turn the main switch ?OFF? when you plan to leave the house
for a prolonged period of time. FEATURES

The P700 is fine assembly of all positive merits of dedicated preamp in fine chassis design.
Separated power supplier deliver super-stable DC voltage to the preamplifier with two isolated toroidal transformer.

Meticulous ground isolation techniques insure suberb signal-to-noise ratio
Much care has been taken in the selection of components and the layout of circuitry for low noise, fast response time.
For higher quality sound, P700 has adopted pure class A operated discrete push pull circuits.

When BYPASS mode, you can share two main channel of home theater connecting surround processor. You can try it with different system to experience a variety of sound performance. This function can operating through front panel and remote controller. HOW TO CONNECT
1. Balanced B1, B2
We can guarantee highest sound quality with XLR unbalanced input.Standard XLR Balance cable are recommended for proper process.
(2PIN: HOT) 2. Unbalanced U1, U2, U3You can connect CDP, FM Tuner, Tape as unbalanced input connector. 3. BYPASSPlease connect main out of surround processor to BYPASS mode of P700.You cannot adjust volume of P700 with this mode. MAIN OUTPUT

After Power Amplifier connection, balanced and unbalanced out are available.Balanced connection are recommend for better sound performance. OPERATION

Whenever changing the sources(CD Player, Tape, VCR, PC and etc), please minimize volume level or press ?MUTE? for proper operation.
Please do not change the connection during power on of P700 1. INPUT BUTTONThere are 2 Balanced Input button, 3 Unbalanced Input button and 1 BYPASS Input button.Whenever input the specific button, it save to P700 after power off and load final mode when power on again.
Please connect main out of surround processor to BYPASS mode of P700.You can adjust volume with surround processor.
Temporarily shut off all sound.Useful for stopping the music to answer phone calls, etc.
Range from 0 to 99 increments of 1 for a total of 100 steps.Under 21 volume level, system save the level when power off.Over 21 volume level will be initialize after power off to avoid excessive sound output. REMOTE CONTROL The remote control of P700 can control all functions of P700.

Tekniske data
Analoge innganger RCA x 3
XLR x 2
Analoge utganger RCA x 1
XLR x 1
Frekvensområde 10 - 350000 Hz
Forvrengning THD 0,01%
Inngangsimpedans 1 Mohm
Utgangsimpedans 100 Ohm
Display 10 Segment Alphanumeric LED
Dimensjoner 432 x 88 x 396 (WHD) mm
Vekt 9 kg

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