Audia Flight FL Cd Three S

Audia Flight nye cd spiller FL CD Three S er klar for markedet! Dette er cd spilleren for de som ønsker en analog og varmtlydene spiller.

Pris FL CD Three S 28.000.-
Pris DAC modul 3.800.-

Intro pris i en kort periode for spiller 23.800.-

Vi sender fraktfritt!

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JWK Audio/Sound of heaven
Tlf:+47 464 29 861

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FL CD Three S cd player

Audia Flight introduce the FL CD Three S, a brand new development cd player for the lovers of really good music.

Starting with its elegant Italian exterior, the FL CD Three S has solidly built casework with a thick aluminum (10 mm) front panel.

In your hand you'll also find a compact, ergonomic remote control hewn from solid aluminium. A large, blue OLED display will keep your eyes informed about all info you need.

The new unit is making use of a CD-Drive which is optimized for single speed playback and not just another computer drive. Also it uses two AKM4493EQ 32-Bit Dacs with “velvet sound” technology (one per channel).

In addition to that Audia Flight is offering the choice of no less than six Digital Filters and one of them is a modernized version of the legendary Audia Flight filter in the original Flight CD1.

Audia Flight is using two completely separate toroidal transformers for the analog (58VA) and digital (36VA) circuits.

Unlike most manufacturers the analog output section of the DACs is fed from the analog power supply as well.

The output section is, in Audia Flight style, A Class discrete current feedback technology and naturally the unit is fully balanced, so balanced and unbalanced analog output are available. It is also available a digital output.

As a special option an input card with five digital inputs (2x Opto, 1x AES/EBU, 1x Coax, 1x USB) is available and can easily be retrofitted at a later point in time.

The USB input allows for 32/384 PCM and DSD 512 and thus makes the unit future proof as a standalone DAC. All digital inputs are insulated to prevent any noise from the digital sources.

All digital inputs are optionally upsampled up to 32bit 768KHz.

100% Made in Italy

Technical Data

Frequency response: 0.5 Hz ˜ 20 KHz ± 0.1dB
Upsampling (only for digital inputs): 32 bits, 768 KHz
Dynamic Range: 126 dB
THD: + noise: >0,01%
Noise: >- 113 dB
Balanced and Unbalanced outputs
Maximum output voltage: 2.5 Vrms
Output impedance: 200 Ohm
Digital Output: PCM S/PDIF
Stand-by power consumption: less than 0,5 W
Operation Power consumption: 30 W
Main voltage AC (50-60 Hz): 100, 110-115, 220-230, 240 V
Dimensions: 450x110x430 mm (WxHxD)
Weight: 10 Kg
Shipping dimensions: 550x250x580 mm (WxHxD)
Shipping weight: 15 Kg

Optional Digital Board:

• 1 coaxial SPDIF
• 2 opticals
• 1 asynchronous USB
All inputs are insulated.
The USB input can accept files 32 bit 384KHz and DSD512

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